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We offer you the best price for the translations of your social media posts.

Social media platformMachine translationManual translation
Facebook0.30 CHF *0.50 CHF *
Instagram0.35 CHF *0.60 CHF *
Twitter0.40 CHF *0.70 CHF *
LinkedIn0.60 CHF *0.90 CHF *
*The prices are per word and indicated in Swiss Francs. They may vary depending on the costumer.

Bonus and loyalty programme

You can save up to 20% depending on the number of translation jobs handed in!

We count your assigned translation jobs in the last twelve months so that you are able to benefit from this offer. Depending on the quantity of your orders in the indicated period, you will be placed on the appropriate bonus level. Loyal costumers are continuously rewarded by us.

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